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Right Now in Stuff of Genius

There are few inventions as simple, yet as ubiquitous and iconic, as the Bunsen burner. Bunsen's invention is nearly synonymous with chemistry, and this year the inventor is 200 years old:How many other inventions have had that kind of longevity, car ... See more »

Sometimes the Stuff of Genius has no Practical Application

Imagine that you are an inventor. You have been working for six months on your latest, greatest creation. You run to your spouse and shout, "Honey, I've done it! Come watch!" And your spouse sees this demonstration:It is amazing and cool. A ... See more »

Anyone who has ever played with Hot Wheel cars knows that there are two staples in the track layout arena: There is the loop, and there is the jump. At the Indy 500 this year, they are scaling the jump up to real life:World-Record Jump Attempt Set fo ... See more »

Sometimes you look at an idea, and you know that it is the Stuff of Genius because the idea is so elegant. That is definitely the case with the Haptica watch for blind people.This short video explains how watches for the blind currently work:The idea ... See more »

Sometimes, after we have looked at something in a certain way for a really long time, we cannot see it any other way. Then someone with the stuff of genius comes along and reconceptualizes it and we say, "why didn't I think of that!"Such is ... See more »

A flashlight is normally a very simple device. You have a bulb, and battery and a switch. Flip the switch and the bulb turns on to produce light.What if you want a LOT of light from your flashlight? Here is a 50 watt, 500 LED flashlight that shows yo ... See more »

I don't know about you, but when I think about a "scanning electron microscope" my brain tends to categorize it into a "not possible to build at home" bin. I'm not sure why - maybe because I have never seen an SEM in someone's hom ... See more »

In the following article, a really interesting question is explored. The question is: Is there a better, more efficient way to launch airplanes?Electric Aviation is the Future of TransportIf you think about how airplanes take off now, you can see the ... See more »