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Stuff of Genius: Ole Evinrude: Outboard Motor

Ole Evinrude grew up loving machines, but he may never have stumbled across the Stuff of Genius if he hadn't had a grueling quest for ice cream. Tune in to learn more about outboard motors.

Stuff of Genius: Sarah Goode: Folding Bed

During a time when women were treated like second-class citizens and African-Americans were relentlessly persecuted, Sarah Goode built her own business from the ground up. Tune in to learn more about Sarah Goode and the folding cabinet bed.

Stuff of Genius: Ralph Teetor: Cruise Control

Although he was blinded at the age of six, Ralph Teetor rose through the ranks of industry to become the president of his own manufacturing company -- and he didn't stop there. Tune in to learn how an uncomfortable ride inspired the Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Frank Epperson: Popsicle

Frank Epperson wasn't the typical inventor -- in fact, he wasn't even old enough to drive when he invented the popsicle. Tune in and learn the story behind this Stuff of (Frozen) Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Willem Einthoven: ECG

Today, doctors across the planet use the ECG -- also known as the EKG -- to detect and diagnose heart conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed. But who gets the credit for making the first reliable ECG? Tune in to find out.

Stuff of Genius: Edward Budding: Lawnmower

Before 1830, trimming a lawn was time-consuming and difficult. At least, that is, until a fabric-shaving machine inspired Edward Budding to invent the lawnmower -- and save future landscapers from hours of hacking at the ground with scythes.

Stuff of Genius: Philip Diehl: Ceiling Fan

Originally born in Germany, Philip Diehl immigrated to the US in 1868. Although he has several fascinating inventions to his name, the ceiling fan remains his most well-known innovation. Tune in to learn more.

Stuff of Genius: Christopher Cockerell: Hovercraft

Christopher came from a smart family, and he was no exception to the rule. Tune in to learn how the purchase of a marina inspired this engineer to build something that's not quite a boat, and not quite a plane -- but certainly the Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Norman Borlaug: Super Wheat

Norman Borlaug spent most of his life fighting world hunger and led the effort to grow more productive, disease-resistant wheat strains. Learn more about The Stuff of Genius in this video podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

Stuff of Genius: Theophilus Kannel: Revolving Door

Today, revolving doors are a common sight in large buildings across the world -- but how did they get here? This episode ... wait for it ... revolves around Theo Kannel and his astonishing Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: George Ferris: Ferris Wheel

When Chicago began planning for the World's Columbian Exhibition of 1893, the city's planners asked George Ferris to build something "original, daring, and unique." Tune in to learn more about his invention.

Stuff of Genius: Joshua Silver: Self-Adjustable Glasses

Professor Joshua Silver isn't an optometrist, but his self-adjustable eyeglasses have improved the vision of people across the developing world. Tune in and learn how this Oxford physicist plans to improve the vision of a billion people by 2020.

Stuff of Genius: Sylvan Goldman: Shopping Cart

As a grocer in Oklahoma, Sylvan Goldman had a hunch that he was losing business because customers only bought as much as they could carry. Check out this episode to learn how his Stuff of Genius saved his store and spread throughout the world.

Stuff of Genius: Daniel Peter: Milk Chocolate

Nowadays milk chocolate is everywhere, but this wasn't always the case. Tune in to learn more about Daniel Peter, who took bitter cocoa tablets and -- with loads of hard work and a neighbor named Nestle -- created the Stuff of (chocolate) Genius.

Stuff of Genius: John A. Roebling: Brooklyn Bridge

When New York's leaders contacted John Roebling for help on the Brooklyn Bridge, he was already a well-known engineer -- but was he up to the task? Tune in and learn how Roebling used his cable designs to spin the Stuff of Genius in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Edmund McIlhenny: Tabasco Sauce

You might be surprised to learn that the creator of modern-day Tabasco sauce was once a banker. Yet when the Civil War wiped his fortunes away, Edmund didn't give up. He hunkered down in his garden and made the Stuff of Genius. Tune in to learn more.

Stuff of Genius: Aloysius Lilius: Modern Calendar

Nowadays it's easy to take the calendar for granted -- nations across the world have agreed that (for business purposes) each year is twelve months long. But how did we get this calendar in the first place? Tune in and find out.

Stuff of Genius: Nicolas Appert: Canned Food

Nowadays, canned food is everywhere -- but how did this industry begin? Tune in to learn how Nicholas Appert discovered the principles used in canning food -- and why we have Napoleon to thank for this Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Robert Adler: TV Remotes

Modern TV viewers use remote controls to channel surf from the comfort of their seat -- but it wasn't always this easy. Learn more about the convenience -- and consequence -- of Robert Adler's Stuff of Genius in this episode.

Replacing an Engine's Spark Plugs with Lasers - That Sounds like the Stuff of Genius

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