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The Titan of Metal

William Kroll invented the process for refining titanium. Learn more about the Kroll Process at Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Tetris! A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

Alexey Pajitnov changed the world of gaming forever when he created Tetris. Learn the history of this famous game and how it came to be.

Stuff of Genius: Hack Your New Year

Want to successfully meet your resolutions in 2014? Use these 5 lifehacks at the beginning of your year, so you're happy with the rest of it!

Stuff of Genius: The Iceman Cometh... Jacob Perkin's First Refrigerator

Jacob Perkins was always a tinkerer, but in 1834 he patented the refrigerator. Learn how his version worked by vaporizing dangerous chemicals.

Stuff of Genius: No More Woof

Talking dogs are cute and all, but what if you could actually translate your dog's thoughts into English? A Scandinavian research lab claims they've invented the answer.

Top 10 Comic Book Geniuses

As part of our cultural narrative, many comic books personify genius through their fantastic characters. Presented here are the ten comic book geniuses that rise to the top of today's sequential lore.

Stuff of Genius: Explosions in the Sky

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese invented fireworks. Learn the origin of these celebrated pyrotechnics in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: The White Elephant In The Room

Every year, American office parties celebrate a tradition called a "White Elephant" exchange. Stuff of Genius deciphers how this term came from a complicated history between the U.S. and Thailand.

Is Academia Getting In the Way of Today's Geniuses?

Peter Higgs and Randy Shekman criticize flaws in academic publishing. Learn more about their arguments at Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: For Your Eyes Only: The Privacy Visor

A Tokyo based team has invented a pair of glasses that disrupts digital cameras and prevents facial recognition. Want to hide your identity and personal information? We'll tell you how in today's episode.

Stuff of Genius: Better, Faster, Stronger... Meet the Modern Umbrella

While umbrellas have been around for centuries, the modern steel design we're all familiar with was invented by Samuel Fox in 1852. Or was it? Learn about the controversy behind this simple device that keeps us dry.

Stuff of Genius: 5 Tips to Make Your Phone Battery Last

Is your phone constantly dying? Try these 5 everyday tips to conserve your battery's power.

Stuff of Genius: George Ballas and the Weed Eater

What do carwashes and lawn care have in common? The answer might surprise you. Tune in in to learn how George Ballas went from cleaning his car to inventing the weed eater.

Lies, Damn Lies and Wonder Woman

William Moulton Marston invented both the lie detector and Wonder Woman. Learn where both originated at Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: No Babies! Gregory Pincus and the Birth Control Pill

The birth control pill prevents millions of births every year. Learn how a scientist's experiments with rabbit ovums and frozen sperm led to this game changing advance in human reproduction.

Stuff of Genius: The World Wide Web

Nowadays the internet is nearly ubiquitous -- but how did it all begin? Tune in for a closer look at the man who changed the world -- and invented the world wide web -- in this episode.

900 Geniuses: Mary Tinetti

Mary Tinetti received a MacArthur Fellowship for her work in geriatrics. Learn about the risks of falling in the elderly at Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Velcro

When George de Mestral and his dog set out on a leisurely mountain stroll, they returned covered in burrs. Learn how an afternoon walk inspired the creation of Velcro in this video.

Stuff of Genius: Mr. Alexanderson and the Long-Range Radio

Before Ernst Alexanderson designed the high-frequency alternators that transmitted radio broadcasts in a continuous wave, radio was not usable over long distances. Tune in and learn more in this video.

The Disembodied Voices of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph & put it in dolls. Learn more about Edison's phonograph at Stuff of Genius.