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Stuff of Genius: The Safety Pin

With patents on everything from fountain pens to rifles, Walter Hunt has sometimes been called "America's forgotten inventor." However, his most successful invention is incredibly commonplace -- tune in and learn more about the safety pin.

Growing Up With Uncle Stevie

Stephen King is an influential writer. Learn more about Stephen King's impact on literacy and culture at Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Zhang Heng and the Seismometer

Centuries before the European Renaissance, Zhang Heng had all the makings of a Renaissance man. Learn how this statesman, scholar and inventor invented the first seismometer in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Cabin Fever and Softball: The George Hancock Story

As a reporter in Chicago, George Hancock was resigned to the bitter, snowy winter weather that trapped people indoors and stopped them from playing outdoor sports like baseball. At least, that is, until his Stuff of Genius struck.

Stuff of Genius: Biro and the Ballpoint Pen

In one form or another, pens have been around for centuries. Unfortunately, they've also been messy, inconvenient and unreliable. Learn how Laszlo Biro's Stuff of Genius brought pens into the modern age in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Windshield Wipers

When Mary Anderson traveled to New York, she noticed that traffic jammed as drivers stopped to wipe their windshields in snowy weather. Learn how her Stuff of Genius made roads safer -- and windshields cleaner -- in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: From Irritation to Innovation: The Band-Aid Story

Earle Dickson was exhausted. He spent nearly every night making bandages for his accident-prone wife, and he knew there had to be a better, faster way. Learn how his Stuff of Genius healed cuts around the world in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: From War to iPods: The Story of Headphones

Nathaniel Baldwin was always an exceptional inventor. Regardless of his day jobs, Baldwin continued tinkering until he hit upon the Stuff of Genius that would literally change the way modern civilization approaches music. Tune in and learn more.

Who Judges Genius in Google's 2013 Science Fair?

What qualities do judges in the Google Science Fair possess? Learn more about the Google Science Fair judges at Stuff of Genius.

Stuff of Genius: Cyril Callister: The Man Who Made Australia Vegemighty

Today, Vegemite is an iconic Australian condiment and a piece of the country's national identity. Yet this wasn't always the case. Tune in and meet Cyril Callister, the genius behind Vegemite.

Stuff of Genius: Peter Safar and CPR

In emergency situations, CPR training can make the difference between life and death. Explore the work of Peter Safar, who combined preexisting medical techniques and worked with his colleagues to produce the Stuff of Genius we call CPR.

Stuff of Genius: How Arthur Arnot Electrified the Drill

When Arthur Arnot moved to Australia, drills had already been around for quite a while. Yet they were still hand-operated, slow and unwieldy. Tune in to learn how Arthur stumbled on his Stuff of Genius in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Stephanie Kwolek: Kevlar

When Stephanie Kwolek couldn't pursue a career in medicine, she took a job as a research chemist. Tune in to learn how this unplanned career led to the Stuff of Genius that changed the world and saved thousands of lives.

Stuff of Genius: John Shepherd-Barron and the ATM

John Shepherd-Barron usually stopped by his local bank on Saturdays to cash checks. But when he arrived one minute after they closed, he was out of luck. Tune in and learn how John's irritating experience led to the Stuff of Genius in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Beneath the Surface of History: The Submarine

With loads of experiments and inventions under his belt, Cornelius Drebbel was a true Renaissance man. But one of his inventions was more useful than any other, even if England didn't think so at the time. Tune in and learn more about submarines.

Stuff of Genius: Mr. Warren and the Black Box

Nowadays flight recorders are a mandatory piece of equipment for all commercial planes -- but why? Tune in and learn more about black box recorders, as well as the genius behind them, in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Richard Drew: Tape

It's easy to take tape for granted -- it's usually around when you need it, and you can buy it in numerous places. However, this wasn't always the case. Learn how Richard Drew's Stuff of Genius changed the world of adhesives in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Ed Acheson and the Carborundum Condundrum

Although silicon carbide occurs in the natural world, it's extremely rare. Tune in to learn how Edward Acheson got struck by inspiration and learned how to manufacture this substance, which he called carborundum.

Stuff of Genius: Adolf Fick: Envisioning the Contact Lens

Today, contact lenses are used by people across the world. But how did this billion-dollar industry get started? Tune in to learn how a German ophthalmologist created contact lenses.

Stuff of Genius: How the Walkie-Talkie Spawned the Cell Phone

How did the walkie-talkie lead to the invention of the cell phone? Learn about the evolution of the walkie-talkie in this video from Stuff of Genius.