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Stuff of Genius: Chester Greenwood: Earmuffs

As a big-eared child in Maine, Chester Greenwood was used to freezing weather. Of course, that doesn't mean he enjoyed it. Learn how his Stuff of Genius kept ears across America toasty (and made Chester famous) in this podcast.

Stuff of Genius: Edwin Land: Polaroid Camera

When Edwin Land's daughter asked why she couldn't see a photograph immediately after it was taken, inspiration struck. Learn how this prolific inventor's Stuff Of Genius polarized light and made every camera user an amateur film developer in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Erno Rubik: Rubik's Cube

As a professor in Budapest, Erno Rubik had a pretty swell day job -- but his hobby was even more fascinating. Tune in and learn how Erno Rubik's hobby became the brain-teasing Stuff of Genius that baffles millions in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Louis Reard: Bikini

Louie Reard wasn't the typical automobile engineer, and his Stuff of Genius has nothing to do with cars. Tune in and learn how an otherwise mild-mannered inventor created one of history's most iconic -- and controversial -- pieces of swimwear.

Stuff of Genius: Robert Cades: Gatorade

When a local football coach asked Robert Cade to help hydrate his players, he set off on a journey to find the perfect sports drink. Tune in and learn more about Cade's Stuff of Genius in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: George Crum: Potato Chips

Frustrated by a picky customer, cook George Crum fried up some paper-thin potato slices. Find out how George's revenge scheme went awry -- and how his potato chips became the Stuff of Genius -- in this episode.

Stuff of Genius: Rudolf Diesel: Diesel Engine

Born in 1858, Rudolf Diesel was fascinated by engines from a young age. However, the engines of the time were incredibly inefficient -- at least, that is, until Rudolf's Stuff of Genius struck. Tune in and learn more in this podcast.

Stuff of Genius: Muhammad Yunus: Microloans

For most of the modern age, conventional bank loans have been beyond the reach of the poor, forcing families across the globe to do business with loansharks. At least, that is, until Muhammad Yunus invented microloans. Learn more in this podcast.

Stuff of Genius: Mikkel Frandsen: Lifestraw

In a world where millions of people don't have access to clean water, entrepreneur Mikkel Frandsen saw a simple solution: the Lifestraw. Listen in and learn how this Stuff of Genius is changing lives across the developing world.

The Business of Ferrets

Ferrets assist humans with science. Learn more about ferrets at Stuff of Genius.

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Stuff of Genius: L.L. Zamenhof: Esperanto

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Stuff of Genius: Levi Strauss: Blue Jeans

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