10 Uplifting Inventions for Personal Flight

The Puffin
Courtesy of NASA.

As we've seen through this countdown, NASA has invested frequently in the research of personal air vehicles over the years. In 2010 they revealed "The Puffin" concept designed by their aerospace engineer Mark Moore. The internet went wild in anticipation. Although it still hasn't been actualized, the Puffin would utilize sensitive motors and control systems so the craft would "sense" the intention of its pilot, much like a horse senses the intentions of its riders. The Puffin would weigh 300-pounds and be 12 feet long (3.7 meters) with a 14.5 foot wingspan (4.4 meters). It's named after the puffin because it stands vertically for take off. Once in a hovering position, it leans forward and flies horizontally.