Top 10 Comic Book Geniuses

© Top Cow/Image Comics - Art by Rahsan Ekedel

It's often acknowledged that comic books contain our modern mythologies. The Egyptians had Thoth, the Aztecs had Quetzalcoatl and the Greeks had Athena and Hermes... all gods of knowledge or wisdom. As part of our cultural narrative, comic books have their personifications of genius too. Back in the early 1960s it seemed like every other superhero was some kind of genius or another, gaining great powers through a science accident or technological innovation. This was most likely because of the impact the space race had on that era. As they've lasted through the decades, genius is still an important quality in the pantheon of comic book characters. Presented here are the ten comic book geniuses that rise to the top of today's sequential lore.

A few ground rules before we get started. This list doesn't include characters who became geniuses as a result of extranormal abilities like a mutation or radioactive bombardment. Each of these 10 characters earned their status as geniuses as we'd expect in the real world, through a combination of intellect, productivity, persistence and impact on the world around them.