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The Disembodied Voices of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph & put it in dolls. Learn more about Edison's phonograph at Stuff of Genius.

Inventor Patents Typhoon Busting Submarine

Koichi Kitamura has filed a patent for typhoon busting submarines. Learn more about Kitamura & his invention on Stuff of Genius.

Deciphering Da Vinci's Cover Letter

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote a great cover letter to Ludovico Sforza. Learn more about the letter at Stuff of Genius.

Tongues of Living Flame: Nikola Tesla and the Pan American Exposition of 1901

Nikola Tesla proved the superiority of alternating current at the Pan-American Exposition in 1901. Learn more at Stuff of Genius.

Homogeneous Demographics in the 2013 Nobel Laureates

The average Nobel laureate in 2013 is 71, American and male. Learn more about Nobel laureate demographics at Stuff of Genius.

Guided By Voices: Abraham James and Oil Divination

Abraham James claimed spirits guided him to oil. To learn more about Abraham James, oil and spiritualism, visit Stuff of Genius.

Kisho Kurokawa's Organic Architecture

Kisho Kurokawa designed organic, modular architecture. Learn more about Kisho Kurokawa at Stuff of Genius.

900 Geniuses: The 2013 Class of MacArthur Fellows

The MacArthur Foundation announced 24 new fellows for 2013. Learn more about the 2013 Class of MacArthur Fellows at Stuff of Genius.

900 Geniuses: Maria Chudnovsky

Maria Chudnovsky works in graph theory. Learn more about Chudnovsky's use of mathematics on Stuff of Genius.

Growing Up With Uncle Stevie

Stephen King is an influential writer. Learn more about Stephen King's impact on literacy and culture at Stuff of Genius.