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Guided By Voices: Abraham James and Oil Divination

Abraham James claimed spirits guided him to oil. To learn more about Abraham James, oil and spiritualism, visit Stuff of Genius.

Kisho Kurokawa's Organic Architecture

Kisho Kurokawa designed organic, modular architecture. Learn more about Kisho Kurokawa at Stuff of Genius.

900 Geniuses: The 2013 Class of MacArthur Fellows

The MacArthur Foundation announced 24 new fellows for 2013. Learn more about the 2013 Class of MacArthur Fellows at Stuff of Genius.

900 Geniuses: Maria Chudnovsky

Maria Chudnovsky works in graph theory. Learn more about Chudnovsky's use of mathematics on Stuff of Genius.

Growing Up With Uncle Stevie

Stephen King is an influential writer. Learn more about Stephen King's impact on literacy and culture at Stuff of Genius.

Who Judges Genius in Google's 2013 Science Fair?

What qualities do judges in the Google Science Fair possess? Learn more about the Google Science Fair judges at Stuff of Genius.

George Rieveschl: Benadryl

George Rieveschl discovered the antihistamine Benadryl. Learn more about George Rieveschl at Stuff of Genius.

The Flying Cities of Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller thought he could make geodesic domes fly with tensegrity. Learn about Buckminster Fuller at Stuff of Genius.

10 Library Life Hacks

Libraries are great centers of support for life hackers. Learn 10 unique ways you can use your library to get things done easier.

The Business of Ferrets

Ferrets assist humans with science. Learn more about ferrets at Stuff of Genius.